Google launches Pixel 8, smartwatch

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Alphabet’s Google on Wednesday, unveiled the Pixel 8 smartphones and a new wearable that include its artificial intelligence technologies.

The improvements to the Pixel phones, which are well-liked by those who enjoy photography and those who prefer the stock Android interface, may increase their allure for consumers making holiday season purchases.

The Tensor G3 mobile engine from Google, which integrates a number of machine learning and generative AI models natively on the device, has strengthened the Pixel lineup.

At a Made by Google presentation in New York on Wednesday, executives explained how the AI functions may assist users with photography, summarising websites, and eliminating spam calls.

Temperature sensing is added to the more expensive Pixel 8 Pro. In order to allow the Thermometer app to take body temperature readings, Google has submitted an application to the Food and Drug Administration.

The price for Pixel 8 starts at $699, while the Pixel 8 Pro is $999, which is $100 more than the previous generations. The devices will be available starting from October, 12.

According to IDC, the United States is Pixel’s largest market, accounting for about 39% of its global shipments, followed by Japan at 29% and the United Kingdom at 9%.

Additionally, Google revealed intentions to give its virtual assistant access to generative artificial intelligence, which would enable it to assist users with tasks like vacation planning or email catch-up before posing follow-up queries.

The company also unveiled Google Watch 2, an improvement to the first wearable, which went on sale in October of last year for $349. It receives a digital crown and sophisticated health monitoring capabilities driven by AI.

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