X to hide headlines from news links to improved aesthetics

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

X, formally known as Twitter plans to introduce a new way to show news links without a headline or description.

According to a Fortune article, the social network will only show the link and the header image in a post.

In a statement on Monday, Musk stated that the decision had been made “directly” by him. The alteration will “greatly improve the aesthetics,” he claimed.

Currently, the header image and summary text, together with the title, are displayed on a Twitter card for a news story or blog post, but if the update is implemented, X will only display the image with a link in a post.

This means that viewers will just see the link and the image for that article if a newspaper or blog posts no accompanying text with the link.

Links and photos posted via the platform’s native service before to December 2014 were broken over the weekend by a bug on X.

Later, the company acknowledged the issue via its platform support account and promised a complete fix in the upcoming days.

Additionally, X is working to replace the blocking feature with an improved mute option that would essentially allow users to follow someone without being able to engage with them.

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