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Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey quits Bluesky board

The main supporter of Bluesky has stepped down from its board. Jack

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X ends option to hide verification checks for users

X has announced a significant update to its platform, stating that users

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X opens app to sports betting with BetMGM deal

X, formerly Twitter, on Friday signed a deal with the sports betting

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X lifts search ban on Taylor Swift

Social media company X reversed the ban on searches for Taylor Swift

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X blocks search for Taylor Swift over deepfake pictures

In response to a recent surge in the dissemination of graphic AI-generated

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X replaces SMS 2FA support with passkeys on iOS

X, previously known as Twitter, announced on Tuesday the introduction of support

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Elon Musk’ X adds audio, video call features to Android

Social network, X, formerly known as Twitter has made it possible to

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Musk’s X faces lawsuit for allegedly withholding staff bonuses

A federal judge has determined that X, formerly Twitter, must face a

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EU probes Elon Musk’s X for ‘illegal content’

The EU on Monday announced "formal infringement proceedings" against Elon Musk's X

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Hackers breach Brazilian First Lady’s X handle

The X account of the Brazilian First Lady Rosangela "Janja" Silva was

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Elon Musk polls users, restores Alex Jones’ account

Social media platform X is set to reinstate the handle of conspiracy

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X to begin recruitment of Japanese engineers

The CEO of social networking platform X, Linda Yaccarino said in a

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