X ends option to hide verification checks for users

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

X has announced a significant update to its platform, stating that users will no longer have the option to hide their blue verification checks, regardless of their subscription status.

The app, known for its premium features, recently started notifying users that the “hide your checkmark” feature, previously available to X Premium subscribers, will be discontinued soon.

This decision follows a recent controversy surrounding the addition of blue verification checks to the accounts of “influential” users with a minimum of 2,500 followers who are subscribed to the premium service.

While some viewed this change as a valuable perk, others, including critics like Elon Musk, expressed dissatisfaction with the sudden appearance of the blue badge on their profiles. Formerly verified users particularly raised concerns, as they feared the badge might suggest that they had paid for a premium subscription rather than earning verification organically.

The removal of the option to hide the verification check is likely to spark further debate among X users. Some may appreciate the transparency it brings, as it eliminates the potential for confusion or suspicion regarding verified accounts.

However, others may feel that their privacy and anonymity on the platform are compromised, especially if they preferred to keep their verification status hidden for personal or professional reasons.

In response to the feedback from users, X has not provided specific reasons for discontinuing the feature. However, it appears that the platform is moving towards a more uniform approach to verification, where all verified accounts are easily identifiable by the blue checkmark.

This change aligns with X’s efforts to enhance transparency and authenticity on its platform, ensuring that users can easily distinguish between verified and non-verified accounts.

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