Worldcoin says iris scan is safe amid scrutiny

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Worldcoin has disclosed that the data of prospective users that was captured by the orb is safe as it is deleted immediately.

This is in response to the concerns of experts who worried that the data would end up in the wrong hands.

On a visit to one of the pop-up centres, a BBC journalist Tom Tidy went through the process of undergoing an iris scan to ascertain he was human before he was given twenty-five Worldcoin tokens which he said were worth 40 pounds.

“The money will be given to children in need,” he disclosed.

Tidy added that it takes ten seconds for the verification to happen, and it’s deleted immediately after the verification is done. The company disclosed that two million have scanned and verified their ‘humanity’

Founded by OpenAI’s co-founder, Sam Altman have faced intense scrutiny from countries around the world over privacy concerns. The company’s office was raided in Kenya last month. France and Germany have also queried the activities of the company and its project.

The company has reiterated that the data of the verified are safe and refuted allegations that it will be used for any illegal activity.

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