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Crucial week for Worldcoin amid EU privacy scrutiny

The next few weeks could be decisive for Worldcoin, the controversial eyeball-scanning

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Portuguese data watchdog halts Worldcoin’s iris-scanning project

The data protection authority of Portugal, known as the Comissão Nacional de

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Spanish Court upholds temporary ban on Worldcoin’s iris-scanning project

Spain's High Court on Monday, upheld the temporary suspension of Worldcoin's iris

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Worldcoin challenges ban in Spain

By Alex Omenye   Worldcoin's German subsidiary, a key player in Sam

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Worldcoin withdraws services in India, Brazil, France

Worldcoin has discontinued its Orb-verification service in India, Brazil, and France a

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OpenAI reaffirms worldcoin’s commitment amid funding speculation

The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, has reaffirmed his goals for the

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Worldcoin to set up ID network

The cryptocurrency initiative started by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, Worldcoin, intends to

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Kenya demands suspension of Worldcoin’s domestic activities over privacy concerns

A Kenyan parliamentary committee on Monday demanded that the country's information technology

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Worldcoin says iris scan is safe amid scrutiny

Worldcoin has disclosed that the data of prospective users that was captured

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Worldcoin disregards initial directive to cease iris scans in Kenya – Report

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner had instructed Worldcoin's parent company,

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Kenya police raid Worldcoin facility

Kenyan law enforcement officers searched a Worldcoin facility near Nairobi over the

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Worldcoin’s $50 eye-scaning orb draws millions of users

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's identity project, WorldCoin, has gotten millions of people

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