Vivajets releases guide on fractional aircraft ownership

Bisola David
Bisola David
Vivajets releases guide on fractional aircraft ownership

Vivajets, an African corporate aviation startup, unveiled a suite of products at an international convention in Lagos.

According to The Punch, the company has published a tutorial on fractional aircraft ownership, a unique service that allows users to own a portion of an aircraft.

As Africa developed due to a rise in population, creativity, and entrepreneurship, new business leaders appeared, and business aviation became essential in boosting their effectiveness.

Along with the online services CharterXE and FlyPJX, Vivajets is a trademark of the Falcon Aerospace Group.

The Chief Executive Officer, Chukwuerika Achum, stated that “Vivajets is beyond a business aviation enterprise. We are a young, vibrant organisation that was created out of the need to unite Africans, promote regional connections, and support the growth and revival of Africa.

“We want to contribute to the new African narrative. We wish to assist the subsequent generation of storytellers for the continent. We are convinced that Africa’s integration would be facilitated and accelerated by our business strategy and culture.”

According to Achum, Vivajets now flies a variety of chartered international itineraries from its headquarters in Lagos.

The head of business excellence, Tejumade Salami, stated that hiring is the first step in creating a great company culture. “At Vivajets, we make an effort to only hire candidates that share our perspective on work and culture.

“We have made room for those who are concerned about the security of our travelers, personnel, and aircraft. We prioritize safety in all of our operations. In addition, we are a customer- and innovation-focused company. We are always looking for fresh approaches to meet the needs of our clients and boost productivity.”

The head of products and innovation, Basil Agbor Bessong, stated that technology is essential to how Vivajets operates and provides its services.

“Both our corporate culture and business culture are permeated by the utilization of innovation and technology. We are able to keep a small crew and collaborate from any location thanks to technology. Additionally, in order to increase clients’ access to our services, we built digital platforms.”

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