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YouTube moves against ad blockers, advocates premium subscription for users

YouTube has "launched a global effort" to convince users to enable advertisements

Alex Omenye Alex Omenye

YouTube unveils features to improve usage

Video platform, YouTube is introducing a new set of features in order

Alex Omenye Alex Omenye

EU warns YouTube over Hamas-Israel disinformation

EU Commissioner Thierry Breton has issued a letter to Alphabet CEO Sundar

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YouTube music to support subscribing to podcasts via RSS

YouTube product head Steve McLendon has revealed the platform will be rolling

Alex Omenye Alex Omenye

YouTube launches AI incubator

YouTube announced on Monday the launch of Music AI Incubator, which will

Alex Omenye Alex Omenye

Google explores prevention of ad blockers

Google has been experimenting with a number of strategies to thwart ad-blocker

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Youtube summarizes video with AI in latest test

YouTube is currently testing a new feature that uses AI to automatically

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YouTube Shorts hits 2bn monthly viewers – Google

More than 2 billion monthly viewers who are signed in watch YouTube

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Google secretly increases YouTube Premium, YouTube Music prices

YouTube Premium's monthly subscription cost has surged by $2, bringing it to

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45 Nigerian channels have over 1m subscribers – Youtube

YouTube, the video streaming website, has announced that 45 Nigerian-owned channels have

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