Spain to partner Nigeria on marine security

Bisola David
Bisola David
Spain to partner Nigeria on marine security

The Spanish Navy has reaffirmed that it will work with the Nigerian Navy to address maritime insecurity in the Gulf of Guinea.

The Punch reported that the Spanish ambassador to Nigeria, Juan Jell, made this statement on Monday night in Apapa, Lagos, during the warship Bam Tornado’s welcome party.

According to Jell, the exercise was a component of Spain’s three-month naval deployment in the Gulf of Guinea.

“We call this European coordinated maritime presence, and this ship is in Lagos as part of our three-month deployment in the Gulf of Guinea. This is the reason why the Spanish Navy’s and other fleets’ efforts to maintain maritime security.

“I have to praise the Nigerian Navy’s leadership. In order to solve maritime security, Spain wishes to collaborate with Nigeria,” he declared.

Additionally, according to the Commanding Officer, David Castillo, the visit was made to guarantee maritime security.

He clarified that in order to maintain maritime security, they would exchange information with the host nations regarding the reason for their movement.

However, Castillo acknowledged that Nigerian maritime safety was under a lot of threat.

The commanding commander emphasized the importance of the relationship, saying that it is challenging for one nation to handle marine security.

“Nigeria’s marine safety is under constant threat from a variety of sources, including immigration, smuggling, and piracy. We are here to collaborate because there are too many threats for one nation to handle. We are collaborating with the Nigerian Navy here in Lagos for that reason. We’ll strengthen the company and perform an exercise with three Nigerian ships,” he continued.

He continued, “After this, we’ll travel to Senegal and Angola. Maritime security is our goal. As offshore patrol boats, we help the coastal nations by offering our services to enhance maritime security in the region.

“Therefore, when we sail, we collaborate with the coastal countries, exchanging ideas and information. We notify coastal nations of any economic problems. Together, we train and report to the nation’s coast guard or navy. We exchange ideas to improve maritime security, and that is our main objective,” Castillo said.

The Chief Staff Officer of Western Naval Command Headquarters, Rear Admiral Jonathan Mamman, explained that the action followed military protocol when foreign ships pay a visit to another nation.

He said that we have been at the top of our game in the Nigerian Navy, and countries come from all over the world to learn from us. He added that we have succeeded in elevating piracy to a never-before-seen degree.

“Thus, the majority of these countries come to learn from us. Remember, nevertheless, that we may also learn from them. The Navy is worldwide. Thus, cooperation is constant; we cooperate for the benefit of all,” he said.

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