Russia fines Reddit for failing to remove banned content

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Russia on Tuesday penalised social media platform Reddit for the first time for failing to remove “banned content.”

According to RIA report on Tuesday, citing a Moscow court, it claimed the platform failed to take down “fake” information regarding Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine.

Reddit joins a group of websites, including Google, Twitch, and Wikimedia, that are being investigated in Russia for failing to take down content that Moscow considers to be unlawful.

The court penalised Reddit 2 million roubles ($20,365), according to RIA. An email requesting feedback from Reddit did not receive a response right away.

Russia has tightened restrictions over how the conflict is covered by the media and bloggers since annexing Ukraine last year. Tougher penalties are now in place for “discrediting” the conduct of its armed troops or disseminating false information about them.

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