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Russia fines Zoom $1.18m for operating without office

A Russian court fined Zoom Video Communications 115 million roubles ($1.18 million)

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Russia to block VPN next year

A Russian lawmaker for the ruling United Russia party announced on Tuesday

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Binance exits Russia amid war with Ukraine

Binance announced on Wednesday that it will sell its operations in Russia

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Ukraine accuses Russia of cyberattacks

Ukraine has disclosed that the computer systems of her law enforcement organisations'

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Russia targeting journalists devices with spyware – Apple

Electronics giant, Apple has disclosed that Russia is targeting journalists who use

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Russian court fines Tinder over refusal to localize user data

The Match Group, the parent company of dating app Tinder and the

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Russian tech billionaire Volozh begs EU to lift sanctions

A Russian tech billionaire, Arkady Volozh, has officially requested the lifting of

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Russian Luna-25 spacecraft collides with the moon

Russia has reported the Luna-25 spacecraft that had been launched earlier this

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Russia fines Reddit for failing to remove banned content

Russia on Tuesday penalised social media platform Reddit for the first time

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Russian scientists target history ice discovery on moon

Russian scientists hope to make history by performing the first soft landing

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Russia to launch first moon rocket in 57 years

Russia is poised to reignite its lunar ambitions with the imminent launch

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Top Russian companies, partners to visit Africa

Major Russian business organizations and Eurasian Economic Union members are planning business trips

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