Musk’s X suffers glitch, deletes tweet from 2014

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

X, formerly known as Twitter, is experiencing trouble displaying older tweets that had photos attached or any hyperlinks that had been shortened using the URL shortener integrated into Twitter.

It’s unclear when the issue began, but Tom Coates brought it out in a post on Saturday after a Brazilian vlogger named @DaniloTakagi had made the same observation a few days prior.

The impact currently appears to affect tweets that were published before December 2014. Videos are not impacted.

Although there has been conjecture that Musk may have done this on purpose to minimise costs, the fact that the real media was posted and hasn’t been removed points to a glitch or malfunction of some sort, one of many that have appeared since the takeover and major layoffs last year.

Timed with the addition of “enhanced URL enrichment” to offer previews for linked websites and native attachments that didn’t count against Twitter’s 140-character restriction, Twitter made adjustments in 2016 that appear to be connected to the cutoff for broken images and links.

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