Musk’s X rolls to allow paid users hide likes

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Microblogging platform, X is currently putting out a feature that will allow premium users to hide their likes.

This follows the recent rollout of the option for users to view their own likes by competing social networks Threads and Bluesky.

On X, the likes tab can now be hidden by paid users via the profile customization setting.

You will be the only one who can see the Likes tab on your profile. The X APIs will also not see your Likes timeline. Your specific Likes will still be noticeable on postings, according to the feature description.

Up until recently, the likes were visible to everyone, and anyone’s profile could be visited to view the posts that person had liked.

Musk has however introduced an additional perk to the premium tier that enables users to like postings without being concerned about others seeing them.

X started allowing subscribers to hide their verification checkmark earlier this month. The user is disclosing the fact that they paid for the membership, nevertheless, if they want to hide the “Likes” page.

This feature on X is in contrast to rival Threads where users can view like through the “Your Likes” option in the Settings.

The platform stated that likes are public and that apps using the Bluesky API can opt to display a likes tab on a profile, despite the fact that likes are private on Bluesky’s own app and website.

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