Meta rolls AI tools for advertisers

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Social networking company Meta On Wednesday, announced that it has begun rolling generative artificial intelligence tools for advertisers.

A small number of advertisers were given access to the tools in a “testing playground” as the business began testing them in May.

The tools’ distribution will be finished the following year, and they will be accessible through Meta’s Ads Manager.

The launch represents the Facebook and Instagram owner’s first attempt to integrate generative AI technology into its platforms for mining enormous archives of historical data to produce new stuff like literature, art, and software code.

The company announced last week that companies would soon be able to communicate with clients on Messenger and WhatsApp using AI for commercial communications.

The “Llama 2” language model and the AI chatbot Meta AI, both of which can produce text responses and photo-realistic visuals, are among the AI products offered by Meta.

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