Google to add AI features to virtual assistant

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye
2PGCHTE Kaunas, Lithuania - 2023 March 22: Google bard AI on screen. Google launched new Artificial intelligence chatbot Bard. High quality photo

Google on Wednesday disclosed plans to add generative artificial intelligence features to its virtual assistant.

The Alphabet subsidiary announced during its hardware event in New York that it intends to include generative AI capabilities from its Bard chatbot into Google’s version of a virtual assistant, which promises to offer individualised assistance with reasoning and generative capabilities on mobile devices.

Google and other tech firms are vying to include generative AI into their newest and existing products. This year, Meta, Amazon, and Microsoft have all increased their efforts.

The updated Google Assistant will allow users to ask questions and provide answers using images or audio that they upload using their phone’s camera or microphone.

Google did not provide a specific release date for the new software, instead stating that it would be made “soon” available to its trusted tester programme. The company intends to make a version available for both iOS and Android.

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