Maggots forces Delta flight to make a U-turn

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Airplane passengers experienced shock and dismay as maggots rained down on them from a suitcase containing decomposing fish, stored in the overhead luggage compartment of a Delta flight.

The flight, from Amsterdam and en route to Detroit, reportedly had to return to Schipol following the unsettling incident on Tuesday.

One passenger who spoke about the incident on Reddit, wrote: “My family and I were in the row directly in front of the maggots.

“The lady right behind us told the flight attendants the maggots were falling on her head. Ugh. I turned around and they were wiggling around on the seat” she said.

She added, “One of our carry-on bags was right nearby the disgusting one so at the end of the flight when I went to get it after checking it over thoroughly, the passenger in question was still sitting there and didn’t exit the plane,”

Another passenger, named only as Kelsey, who spoke to Sky News said she had complained earlier to flight attendants about an “absolutely odd odour” on the plane before take off.

In response to the incident, passengers were reportedly given air miles, hotel room compensation, and vouchers towards food.

In a statement to Sky News, the airline confirmed a bag of rotten fish and maggots were on the plane, and apologised to passengers.
“We apologise to the customers of Flight 133 AMS-DTW as their trip was interrupted due to an improperly packed carry-on bag,” the airline said in its statement

“The aircraft returned to the gate and passengers were placed on the next available flight. The aircraft was removed from service for cleaning.”

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