Ganduje shuts Kano supermarket over old naira rejection

Oluwanifemi Ojo
Oluwanifemi Ojo
Dr Abdullahi Gandjue

The Governor of Kano State, Dr Abdullahi Gandjue, directed the State’s acting Chairman of the Consumer Protection Council, Dr Baffa Babba Dan’agundi, to shut down Wellcare Supermarket.

This was because the supermarket was rejecting the old notes against the orders of the state government.

Dr Baffa disclosed this after shutting down the supermarket. He also stated that the business would face legal consequences.

According to The Punch, he cautioned other business owners in Kano to be aware that the state government has not banned the use of old naira notes as legal tender.

The chairman also added that any store owner found rejecting the old notes would face severe legal consequences.

The Punch reported that the management of Wellcare Alliance Limited has, in the meantime, sent Governor Ganduje a letter of apology asking for his immediate intervention in reopening the supermarket.

The letter reads, “A plea for an immediate intervention to re-open Wellcare Alliance Limited and an apology letter.”

“Sir, Wellcare has always had an outstanding reputation in the market within the state and beyond, equally has abided by every rule and regulation which directly affects the company or a regulator without hesitation.

“Due to the Federal Government’s policy on the new naira notes, we gave wrong instructions to our staff members that from February 10, 2023, only the new notes are to be in circulation.

“On an expansive investigation with our bankers, they declined to receive old naira notes.”

As the business apologised, they requested that the Kano State government reopens the supermarket.

Wellcare Supermarket said, “our business should be re-opened for deserving members of the public as we undertake to receive the old notes as valid tender till the state issues any other directive.”

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