Binance unveils new investment platform

Joy Onuorah
Joy Onuorah

Crypto firm, Binance, has unveiled a new cryptocurrency investment called Binance Smart Chain to provide investors with a daily percentage dividend of 3%.

The investment company stated that only consumers who participated in its presale were eligible for the three percent daily percentage.

According to a statement made by the company, BSC Stake was an audited staking dapp based on Binance Smart Chain.

Additionally, the business claims to have a 500,000,000 token supply overall.

The statement further explained that users who participated in the presale would be whitelisted and able to receive the daily profit for eight months.

Whitelisted users can automatically withdraw money each day in Binance USD, a virtual currency that complies with the stringent regulatory requirements of the New York State Department of Financial Services, according to the information provided.

Also, inflation would not affect user-staked tokens unless they were unstaked, the announcement continued.

The statement also indicated that the company wanted to boost investors’ income by staking, and it reads as follows: “All staked tokens are used on our liquidity pool and also provided to borrowers. BSCS will launch an aggregated liquidity dex that will allow users to swap tokens at a very low-cost fee through the use of Ox technology.

“We pay rewards from fees paid by the borrowers when your token is staked and the fees generated from liquidity dex. 75 per cent goes to stakers, 25 per cent goes to maintenance.”

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