Why Nigeria needs 33,000MW for stable power supply – DisCos

Marcus Amudipe
Marcus Amudipe

The Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors, has explained why the country needs to generate about 33,000 Megawatts to have stable electricity.

According to The PUNCH, the Executive Director, Research and Advocacy, Mr Sunday Oduntan, during a stakeholders meeting in Yola, stated that the nation needs about 33,000 Megawatts to cover its ever increasing population.

Oduntan noted that the country has not had more than 4,000MW of power supply over the previous three weeks and called for additional investment in the power sector to remedy the issue.

He added, “In Nigeria, they say we have a population of 210 million and about 32 million households are connected to the grid. Nigeria has a heavy deficit.

“The rule of thumb all over the world on the production of electricity says you do 1,000MW per one million population for people to have uninterrupted electricity.

“So, with 32 million people having access to electricity, meaning they are connected to an electricity source, you need to generate 32,000MW.

“Today in Nigeria, what we produce is 4,000MW. In the last three weeks, we have never done 4,000MW. So, we need 32,000MW to ensure a stable electricity supply to every household connected to the grid,” he added.

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