Why Nigeria must embrace renewable energy – NBCC

Bisola David
Bisola David
Why Nigeria must embrace renewable energy - NBCC

Nigeria’s switch to renewable energy, according to the Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce, is “no longer a choice but a must.”

The Punch reported that this claim was made on Thursday in Lagos at the Renewable Energy Roundtable conference with the theme “Renewable Energies: Innovation, Transition, Opportunities and Challenges.”

The President and Chairman of the NBCC Council, Ray Relly, claimed that the global market for renewable energy was more developed than before.

He asserted that Nigeria must band together with the rest of the globe to achieve a smooth transition through the adoption of new technologies, regulations, and their execution.

“The switch to renewable energy is now required, not an option. We must look internally for creative methods to fulfill the energy needs of our expanding population.

“Fossil fuels are causing climate change and environmental devastation. As we go into the complexities of invention, this transition opens up a wealth of conversation, so what are we doing to innovate?”

Relly emphasized how vital it was for Nigeria to develop and carry out a comprehensive energy transition strategy that would result in the adoption of renewable energy sources in place of fossil fuels.

The managing director of Shell Nigeria Gas, Ralph Gbobo, stated in his message of goodwill that supporting new technologies, business models, and ideas was the best way to carry out the country’s renewable goal.

“Our future is being shaped by the transition to renewable energy sources. The switch to renewable energies has become a popular topic of conversation as we all deal with the negative repercussions of climate change.

“To achieve our goal, we must encourage new technologies, business models, and ideas and work in partnership with the private sector, governmental organizations, and academic institutions,” the speaker stated.

By 2060, the Federal Government promised to have zero gas emissions.

Additionally, Ikeja Electric’s chief executive officer, Folake Soetan, stated that the power business understood the potential of renewable energies.

She clarified that as of right now, only 3.3% of Nigeria’s total electricity generation comes from renewable sources and that this creates an opportunity for significant investments in the green sector.

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