Why Henessy is most preferred luxury alcohol in Nigeria – Report

Bisola David
Bisola David

The favourite cognac brand in Nigeria and all of Africa is Hennessy, a French brand owned by Mot Hennessy (a subsidiary of LVMH), according to a recent consumer study by market research company Sagaci Research.

According to The Times, only 4% of Africans presently consume brandy and cognac, with English-speaking areas driving demand, according to the survey.

With an 11% penetration rate, Kenya leads the pack, followed by South Africa (10%), Zambia (at 7%), and Nigeria (at 7%). Hennessy achieved a phenomenal preference rate of 78% in Nigeria and a whopping 81% in South Africa.

Despite having lower consumption than other alcoholic beverages like gin (11%), vodka (13%), and whisky (16%), cognac is a category that is expanding throughout Africa and is regarded as one of the world’s most promising rising markets.

According to the poll, Hennessy drinkers frequently have aspirational careers and lead active lifestyles.

These conclusions are based on information gathered over the course of the last year from more than 100,000 consumers using the SagaPoll mobile app.

According to a thorough analysis, South Africa, which ranks as the cognac industry’s fifth-largest market globally, is seen as an emerging market with significant influence outside its historical markets.

This may be partly due to South Africa’s robust wine and spirit industry, which dates back to the introduction of brandy in the 17th century.

According to the report, South African men are more likely than women to have drunk cognac in the previous year.

Furthermore, older and wealthier people are more likely to partake in this spirit, frequently in the comfort of their own homes (58%), while relaxing or socializing with friends.

The direct competitors of Hennessy, according to Sagaci, are other premium spirit brands rather than other cognac brands because of the company’s dominant position in the cognac and brandy sector.

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