Spotify to launch tool for software development teams

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Spotify is launching “Confidence,” a new commercial tool for software development teams based on its in-house experimentation platform.

“Spotify’s data scientists and engineers have been developing and honing our product testing methods for years,” Spotify said in a statement.

Teams can easily set up, conduct, coordinate, and analyse their own user tests with the help of Confidence, allowing them to fast refine their concepts. Currently, confidence is only accessible in a private beta.

According to Spotify, Confidence is made to support software development teams, whether they need to start using A/B testing right now or have outgrown their current testing platform.

The music streaming service claims that its internal A/B testing were first conducted in the early 2010s by a small group of data scientists and engineers.

Users will be able to access confidence in three different ways. The experimental platform can first be used as a managed service, allowing you to access it as a separate web service that is run by Spotify.

You can use it as a Backstage plugin, second, and you can use APIs to incorporate the Confidence platform into your own infrastructure.

The revelation made today shows that, despite what Spotify is most known for

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