Shell discharges five oil barrels into Ogoni

Sam Adeniyi
Sam Adeniyi
An oil wellhead in Ogoniland, Niger delta. Photograph: Amnesty International UK

After an operation failure, the Shell Petroleum Development Company discharged five barrels of crude oil into the Bodo community in the Gokana Local Government Area of Rivers State.

The spillage which was said to be 98 per cent water was confirmed by a report of a Joint Investigation Visit.

According to The PUNCH, the report was signed by the host community, the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency, SPDC, and the Rivers State Ministry of Environment.

Due to the ongoing flushing of the pipeline, the TNP operated by Shell, the JIV report confirmed released 98 per cent water, 2 per cent crude into Bodo, and residual crude oil of about five barrels.

The spokesperson of the SPDC Nigeria Limited, Mr Michael Adande, said the impact of the spill was minimal both within and outside Shell’s JV right of way since the TNP had not transported crude oil since mid-June 2022.

Adande further said the report of the JIV would soon be available on the SPDC oil spills site.

The statement read, “The spill from the Bomu-Bonny section of the SPDC JV’s Trans Niger Pipeline in Bodo, Gokana Local Government Area of Rivers State on August 3, 2022, was largely water (98%) from the ongoing flushing of the TNP, with the residual crude oil of about five barrels as established by the signed report of the Joint Investigation Visit led by regulators, and involving representatives of the Rivers State Ministry of Environment and the community.

“Owing to the high level of theft, the SPDC has not processed crude oil through the TNP since mid-June 2022. Clean-up of the impacted area and repair work on the pipeline are underway.”

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