Nigeria’s resources’ll be prudently, transparently managed – Obi

Marcus Amudipe
Marcus Amudipe


Bisola David

Presidential candidate Peter Obi, has said that he and Datti Baba-Ahmed, his running mate, promise to provide the transformational and patriotic leadership that Nigeria desperately needs.

He made this statement at the Nigerian Economic Summit Group Dialogue on the Nigerian Economy, which was held in Lagos on Monday under the theme “The Nigeria we need.”

Obi stated that Nigeria’s issue is not a lack of development reports, plans, or manifestos, but rather a lack of effective leadership. Everything rises and falls on leadership, thus we urge the NESG and Nigerians to have faith and confidence in us so that Nigeria can once again experience growth.

He claimed that the Labour Party was distinct because they have made a commitment to managing Nigeria’s resources responsibly and openly in order to build a better Nigeria.

“We are different and committedly pledge in line with my mothers counsel and upbringing that Nigeria’s resources will be prudently and transparently managed for a better Nigeria.

“To diligently produce a transformative report with detailed suggestions for a better Nigeria every year for the last 28 years is not only uncommon but also proof that a new Nigeria is possible” he said.

Obi commended NESG for all that they have been doing as well as for the chance to speak with Nigerians this morning through their forum. “The unwavering dedication to a Nigeria that is inclusive and sustainably growing has been NESG’s guiding principle from the organization’s founding, and this is inline with what Datti and I stand for” he said.

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