Musk urges advertisers to return to X

Bisola David
Bisola David
Smart TVs will eventually offer X's Long-Form Videos - Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the owner of X, formerly known as Twitter, and the former richest man in the world, has pleaded with advertisers to come back to X in spite of recent setbacks.

The Times reported that the CEO, Linda Yaccarino, stressed X’s dedication to putting child safety online first in a letter sent to both present and past advertisers.

This request was made at the same time as platform owner Elon Musk downplayed worries expressed by sponsors.

After testifying at a congressional hearing on internet safety, Yaccarino stated that X was in favour of the proposals that US lawmakers were putting up to address online safety.

Even while X says it is a completely different platform than Twitter, its predecessor, it hasn’t been easy to stop the damaging and hateful content on the platform.

Amidst the fallout from Elon Musk’s confrontational response to advertisers in November, X, formerly known as Twitter, is now witnessing efforts led by CEO Linda Yaccarino to mend relationships and entice advertisers back to the platform.

The CEO’s calculated action include presenting X as a platform committed to protecting children’s online safety and coordinating its position with suggested legislative actions.

The biggest retailer in the country, Walmart, made a big move to break from X and was the first significant business to stop running ads on the platform in response to Musk’s divisive comments.

Disney, IBM, and Sony are just a few of the well-known businesses that have chosen to stop running advertisements on X, which has made it harder for the platform to maintain business relationships.

X is well aware of how important advertising is to its revenue stream in the wake of recent scandals and advertiser pullouts.

Yaccarino recognizes the critical role of marketers and is strategically altering X’s image and reestablishing confidence with business partners.

The overall theme of X’s approach to navigating these obstacles is a determined attempt to reposition itself by highlighting its dedication to online kid safety and aligning with legal requirements.

The results of these initiatives will dictate X’s course as it tries to reestablish trust, mend fences, and get the ongoing backing of important advertising partners.

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