Meta to launch end-to-end encryption on Messenger

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Meta on Wednesday disclosed that the company will enable end-to-end encryption will be enabled on Messenger by the end of the year.

Additionally, the company is extending the scope of its end-to-end encryption feature test to “millions more people’s chats.”

For years, the business has been constructing end-to-end encryption features for Messenger. But the majority of them were optional or experimental.

End-to-end encryption is increasingly being pushed onto Meta in order to prevent the company or third parties from accessing user chat communications.

Meta detailed the substantial difficulties in developing Messenger’s encryption features in a blog post.

The company claimed that it had to abandon the outdated server architecture and create a fresh interface for users to control their conversation history with security features like a PIN.

Meta noted that in order to support end-to-end encryption, more than 100 functionalities have to be rebuilt, including the ability to display link previews in discussions.

In recent years, the company’s well-known messaging programme WhatsApp has found out a means to handle several devices for one account without compromising encryption. WhatsApp has had end-to-end encryption for years. According to Meta, the Messenger team is studying WhatsApp in order to integrate end-to-end encryption.

Authorities from all around the world are looking into regulations that would jeopardise the encryption in messaging apps, while Meta has opposed these suggestions to allow end-to-end encryption through WhatsApp, it has not yet fully developed these safeguards for Messenger and Instagram DMs.

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