FG to improve public transportation with electric vehicles

Bisola David
Bisola David
FG to improve public transportation with electric vehicles

The Ministry of Transportation has revealed its plans to acquire a fleet of electric vehicles in an effort to improve transportation effectiveness and address growing concerns over fuel costs.

The Punch reported that this change is anticipated to improve commuter convenience countrywide as well as cut carbon emissions.

The recently sworn-in Minister of Transportation, Said Alkali, made this announcement in Abuja on Tuesday as he started working for the Ministry.

He claimed that the purchase of these vehicles will help to lower the high transport costs that have resulted from the removal of fuel subsidies.

He declared, “The Ministry of Transport must take the lead in enhancing the public transport sector to support the numerous policies geared towards delivering democratic dividends that are available to common Nigerians through efficient public transport, provided that is secure, affordable, and practical across the country.”

“As a result, I’m going to make sure the mass transit system is established and successful. Mr. President’s agenda is based on renewed optimism, and we’ll make sure that, in the wake of the removal o fuel subsidies, we have a reliable mass transit system and investigate how to get electric cars so that, at the very least, the cost of transportation is reviewed downward across the nation, even with the mass transit system.”

He stated that he will also ensure a long-term partnership with relevant ministries, agencies, and corporate entities to revive the country’s mass transit and road transportation operations.

The minister additionally said that he would revitalize the rail transport industry with a focus on guaranteeing safe and effective operation.

“I will provide, modernize, renovate, plan, and grow the rail transportation sector with effective security services to enable the realization of the core objective of government, while carefully examining the current economic trends.

“The recent constitutional changes that moved rail transport services from the exclusive list to the concurrent list will undoubtedly be maximized by this project.

“Additionally, it will lessen the persistent threat of accidents, kidnappings, and armed robbery,” he added.

Alkali continued by promising to monitor and assess how well agencies working under it are carrying out the government’s renewed hope agenda. He also promised to provide a supportive work environment for employees.

However, he issued a warning that he would not put up with any sort of carelessness or disrespect.

“To ensure the realization of the “Renewed Hope” of this administration, I have resolved to ensure effective supervision, monitoring, and evaluation of the performance of all the departments of the Ministry and its agencies to meet operational standards, wise expenditure management, and maximum productivity.”

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