Meta moves to stop suit over privacy violations

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Meta will seek a court in Norway on Tuesday to quash a fine the nation’s data regulator imposed on the owner of Facebook and Instagram for violating users’ privacy.

Since August 14, Meta Platforms has been subject to a daily fine of 1 million crowns ($94,313) for collecting user data and utilising it to target advertising at specific users. This practice is known as “behavioural advertising” and is a typical Big Tech business strategy.

The order, which imposes a daily fine through November 3, is being contested by Meta Platforms, which is appealing for a temporary injunction.

On August 1, Meta announced that before permitting behavioural advertising, it would seek users’ permission in the European Union and the European Economic Area, the European single market.

Datatilsynet, the regulator, will contest the fine in court. It stated that users’ rights were being violated in the meanwhile and that it was unclear when and how Meta would obtain their consent.

If Datatilsynet concurs with the judgement of the Norwegian regulator, it may send the matter to the European Data Protection Board, which has the authority to make the fine permanent.

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