Marketer denies supplying Max Air with contaminated fuel

Bisola David
Bisola David
Marketer denies supplying Max Air with contaminated fuel

The company run by the family of Nigerian socialite, Bola Shagaya’s Octavus, has denied supplying Max Air with contaminated fuel.

This came after reports on Tuesday that claimed Octavus had given Max Air tainted Jet A1, which ultimately resulted in the grounding of its 5N-MHM aircraft and penalties from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.

This was stated in a letter from the NCAA ordering the immediate suspension of Parts A3 and D43 for the use of the Boeing 737 aircraft type by Max Air.

However, in response, Octavus General Manager, Peter Dia, denied giving Max Air tainted petrol. It claimed there was no proof connecting the recorded incidences to the fuel provided by the company.

The statement read, “Recent claims made against Octavus involving the supply of tainted aviation fuel to Max Air have aroused our attention.

“We want to unequivocally refute these false and malicious accusations made against our organization as a top provider of aviation fuel.

“We strongly object to any attempts to ruin our name and stand by the reliability and excellence of our products.”

“With regard to the unfortunate incidents involving Max Air’s aircraft, we wish to clarify that there is no evidence connecting the fuel provided by Octavus to the reported occurrences,” it continued.

He claimed that it is important to emphasize that there have been no complaints regarding the quality of products the company produces despite the fact that they handle about 100 flights daily or one every 10 minutes.

However, he went on to say that MOMAN supported the introduction of palliative measures by the three levels of government, as well as the private sector, to assist less privileged members of society who had been impacted by the current suffering.

“Operators and regulators must engage the public openly, gain their trust, and promote fair competition to guarantee that customers receive the full value at the petrol pumps.

“We applaud the government’s urgent attempts to open the market so that different businesses might bring petroleum products into the nation,” Adeosun stated.

According to him, market liberalization and the dedication to a level playing field should increase operators’ efficiency, enabling them to provide the general public with competitive price options.

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