JAPA: Why firms must improve employee experience

Oluwanifemi Ojo
Oluwanifemi Ojo
Philips consulting

A leading consulting firm, Phillips Consulting Limited has urged both the public and private sectors in Nigeria to reconsider how they approach employee experience and retention in order to address the significant departure of skilled professionals from the country, a trend known as “japa.”

According to The Punch, the company stated this in its latest report titled “Talent Management, A New World Order: Shifting Paradigms,” which was revealed during the quarterly Meetup of the Human Resources Directors Network, organized by the firm.

During the event, which focused on the theme “Reimagining Talent Experience and Retention,” industry leaders participated in discussions and presented innovative solutions to navigate Nigeria’s highly competitive talent landscape.

Considering the brain drain concept, Phillips Consulting Limited stated that “The report is the outcome of extensive research and data analysis conducted by PCL, with data inputs from their partners, Cambridge University (UK) and YouGov. The report aims to equip organisations with the necessary tools to reimagine talent management and enhance employee and stakeholder outcomes.

“This comprehensive report delves into the root causes of the exodus of skilled professionals from Nigeria and its adverse impact on the public and private sectors. Moreover, the report proposes pragmatic suggestions and remedies to tackle this pressing concern.”

In the words of the Managing Director of PCL, Rob Taiwo, “Talent goes where talent wants and employees have the freedom to choose where they work.

“In an employee market, companies must offer attractive value propositions that meet the needs of their employees, such as improved compensation, remote work options, and psychologically safe work environments. If companies fail to prioritise employee well-being and job satisfaction, they risk losing top talent to organisations that do.”

PCL’s Operations strategist, Olawanle Morenikeji, said that “New actions in managing talents must speak to dynamism, the promotion of belongingness, inclusion, empathy, guts, constant and consistent communication and motivations. Any conceptualisation that falls short of actions on the above is destined for failure in the new world of work.”

The Partner for People Transformation at Phillips Consulting Limited, Paul Ayim, emphasized the importance for employers to establish a conducive atmosphere that fosters learning, comprehension of purpose, collaboration, and empowerment. This approach ultimately results in a favourable experience for employees and promotes strong engagement levels.

“Digital Learning has over the years served as a platform for democratising the knowledge required to turbocharge performance and embed consistent culture, and organisations that reimagine and refocus their talent experience in this way will outcompete peers in their industry,” he further stated.

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