Google unveils AI-powered search in Japan, India

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Google is starting to push out its generative AI search experience outside of the United States. The company stated Thursday that it would first focus on expanding in Japan and India.

In certain areas, Google’s Search Labs will start offering the new AI-powered search function, also known as SGE, which will add a new feature targeted at making it simpler to access information in its AI-powered overviews.

SGE, which was initially unveiled at this year’s Google I/O Developer Conference in May, adds a conversational mode to Google Search that allows users to ask Google questions about a subject and receive replies in a manner akin to an AI chatbot.

SGE is being customised for the additional supported regions as a result of the global growth.

Users of the generative AI in Japan will be able to interact with it in their own language, while in India they will be able to switch between Hindi and English using a language toggle.

Users can now click a new arrow icon next to information in an AI-powered overview to see the appropriate web pages.

The AI has roll has already started in the US, and it is expected to reach India and Japan in the coming days.

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