Google launches videos series for app discovery

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Google has launched an original video series called “The Play Report” that will also be available in the Play Store to help people find new apps.

The company announced that it will begin displaying these videos to a select group of American users on the Play Store home page. Other users can watch the videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram accounts of Google Play.

Each episode, according to Google, will spotlight various apps with the help of experts, creators, and even Google personnel.

Developers can already attach YouTube videos as part of their app’s media assets on the Play Store, and these links will appear on the app listing page.

It’s unclear if Google will extend this program’s short video support to additional authors or developers. Google also didn’t specify whether the featured apps were chosen by the business or the developers themselves.

Google has already reaped many benefits from Shorts. During its Q3 2023 earnings call in July, the company stated that more than 2 billion monthly users who are logged in watch Shorts.

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