Google enables users to access photos on multiple devices

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Google on Tuesday announced that photos will now use cloud backup to sync your private photos from your Locked Folder across all of your devices.

The Locked Folder, which was first made available to Android users in May 2021, lets users save private images in a passcode-protected area so that the photos are hidden from others who could have access to the images app or when they display their photos on a linked TV.

Prior to this new update, the user’s Android phone was the only device with access to those restricted photos. Users will now be able to access these private and intimate images from any device they own because they are now part of cloud backup.

Additionally, users will be able to set up a Locked Folder for the first time not just on Android but also on iOS and the web.

You can choose to keep backup toggled off if you don’t want the content of the Locked Folder to sync to other devices. However, you do have the option of turning on backup for the Locked Folder.

Along with making adjustments to the Locked Folder, Google is also redesigning the Settings tab in the app, the company announced. The new layout makes it simpler to access the areas for privacy, backup, sharing, and alerts.

The new settings page is already available on iOS and Android, but the updates to Locked Folder won’t be implemented until today.

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