Flights to South-South most expensive – NBS

Joy Onuorah
Joy Onuorah
Murtala Muhammed International Airport

The National Bureau of Statistics ranked flights to the South-South as the most expensive of all geopolitical zones in the country.

According to recent NBS fare watch data, the average airfare for a one-way trip in the South-South zone was N74,150 in September 2022.

For the same period under consideration, the North Central zone cost N70,285.71, the North East cost N72,083.33, the North West cost N72,550, the North West cost N73,550, and the South East cost N74,133.33.

The NBS study also showed that Borno residents paid N459.25 per route for bus travel inside cities during the review period, compared to N498.05 and N508.36 for Anambra and Kebbi inhabitants. These states pay the least for bus lines that run within cities.

Conversely, commuters in Taraba spent N820.70, those in Bauchi paid N785.30, and those in the Plateau paid N780 for each route. The largest amount paid for bus routes inside cities was recorded in these states, whereas Bayelsa recorded N2,450.22, Zamfara recorded N2,496.30, and Kwara recorded N1,697.20 for intercity bus trips per person, making them the states with the lowest intercity bus route expenses in September 2022.

According to the study, the NBS, motorbike (okada) rates among states saw an average 1.5% decrease between August 2022 (N439.80) and September 2022 (N434.73), with Kwara, Yobe, and Lagos recording the highest rates and Sokoto, Edo, and Bayelsa recording the lowest.

The average ticket for a single flight on the indicated routes, which was N65,041.89 in August 2022, increased to N72,690.54 in September 2022, an increase of 11.76% month over month. The fare increased 96.87% from N36,922.97 in September 2021 year over year.
With N65,000.0, Niger had the lowest airfare.

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