FilmHouse co-founder Moses Babatope to launch new media company

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Co-founder of Filmhouse Group and former Managing Director of FilmOne, Moses Babatope, is gearing up to unveil a new media and entertainment venture.

The announcement of this venture was made in a statement on Wednesday. Addressing rumors of a non-compete agreement with his former companies, Babatope clarified that such claims were false.

“There are rumors of a non-compete with FilmOne and Filmhouse, but that is untrue,” Babatope said, debunking the circulating misinformation.

“The plan is bigger than Moses Babatope; it’s not just another entertainment venture. The plan is to grow the industry ten times bigger. We’re innovating, disrupting, and creating new revenue lines for the industry,” he added.

He emphasized that his new endeavor transcends personal ambitions, aiming to revolutionize the industry and foster substantial growth. Primarily focused on film production, distribution, and cinema operations, this venture follows Babatope’s departure from FilmHouse Group.

Sources familiar with the situation disclosed that Babatope’s anticipated departure is closely tied to management discrepancies within the group, particularly stemming from differing leadership styles between the co-founders.

This internal discord recently gained public attention with an announcement to the company’s staff, hinting at the possible resignation of one of the managing directors to pursue alternative endeavors in the industry, as reported by sources.

Though FilmHouse Group denied any such internal upheaval, insider accounts suggested otherwise, alleging a strict no-press policy surrounding the matter. Babatope eventually stepped down as Managing Director, paving the way for his new venture.

Originally established in 2012 to address gaps in the cinema market, FilmHouse Group witnessed significant growth under Babatope’s leadership.

His extensive experience spanning over two decades in the industry has been marked by numerous successes, including the production of blockbuster films and forging partnerships with major Hollywood studios.

Notably, his involvement in establishing the West African Film Fund stands out as a pioneering effort in corporate financing for films, further solidifying his influence in the industry.

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