Elon Musk begs celebrities to use X platform

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

X CEO, Elon Musk has implored celebrities to use the microblogging platform in pushing their craft. tweeting at celebs to use his platform.

“I recommend posting some music or concert videos directly on the X platform,” Elon Musk tweeted at Taylor Swift after she announced earlier this week that her album “1989” would be re-released.

Musk boasted that Tucker Carlson, the Fox News primetime anchor who was let go in April, had more viewers after they started watching shows on X.

“Views for his episodes on X now exceed the population of the United States. Talk to Earth via X!” Musk tweeted.

Russell Brand, a British comedian who has lately been accused of sexual assault by many women, has received backing from Elon Musk. The day before the inquiry into the charges was published, Brand shared a video on X in which he refuted them.

Later, Brand urged his followers to join him on Rumble so that they could support him “directly.”

Musk bemoaned in his replies that “it is rather disappointing that he is exclusively pushing Rumble when X has supported free speech just as much.”

Musk has bragged about X’s views and engagement rates, to assert X’s relevance, but analysts have a different opinion. Since Musk acquired Twitter in October 2022, Twitter, now X, has lost the majority of its workers as well as half of its ad revenue.

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