Dangote refineries to supply 150,000 IPMAN fuel stations

Bisola David
Bisola David
Dangote fuel will be sold in naira not dollars - IPMAN

The Dangote Petroleum Refinery will deliver fuel to around 150,000 retail outlets managed by the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria, following a meeting between refinery management and IPMAN executives.

The PUNCH reported that last week Monday, IPMAN booked a meeting with Dangote refinery management to discuss the supply of products to independent marketers.

The IPMAN President, Abubakar Maigandi, indicated that the association had finally met with the refinery’s management, and that the latter had agreed to distribute products to IPMAN’s over 30,000 members.

On Monday, seven major Nigerian oil marketers had registered with the refinery to lift and distribute refined petroleum products generated by the $20 billion complex.

According to the report, dealers affiliated with the Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria acknowledged on Sunday that with the registration, they will begin distributing fuel produced at the plant once the contractual terms were straightened out.

The seven major marketers are 11 Plc, Conoil Plc, Ardova Plc, MRS Oil Nigeria Plc, OVH Energy Marketing Limited, Total Nigeria Plc, and NNPC Retail.

The association’s president stated that the administration of the Dangote refinery would deliver products to IPMAN’s 150,000 stations nationwide.

When asked how many oil marketers are members of IPMAN, he said, “We have 30,000 members according to our most recent census, which was conducted two years ago. They agreed to provide us with products. In addition, our retail locations cover the country with 150,000 stations.”

According to Maigandi, “This is not a minor project. It is a very positive development for Nigeria. They will start with aviation fuel and diesel. You’re aware that independent petroleum marketers also buy diesel.

“Therefore, with God’s grace, our 30,000 members are ready to buy and distribute across the nation’s 150,000 retail locations. So, wherever you go, you will see fuel.

“The issue of fuel scarcity will be resolved once he (Dangote) starts,” Maigandi added.

Concerning the price, he claimed that that was not discussed, but he can say for sure that the price will be slightly lower than what has been selling.

The Dangote refinery in Lagos has so far received six million barrels of crude oil at its two SPMs, which are 25 km from the shore. The first crude delivery occurred on December 12, 2023, while the sixth shipment was delivered on January 8, 2024.

The refinery’s truck-loading gantries have the capacity to load 2,900 trucks per day and the refinery’s products will meet Euro V specifications, according to the company.

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