China to draft working standard for metaverse

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information technologies announced that it will create a working group to define standards for the metaverse.

This comes as Beijing aims to be a worldwide standards-setter for emerging technologies.

The ministry On Monday, unveiled a draft proposal to establish a working group for the metaverse, a collection of online shared virtual worlds.

One of the nine developing digital industries for which China should work to develop standards is the metaverse, according to the plan.

The lack of precise definitions in the metaverse sector, it was further stated, is a problem.

According to the draft, the metaverse will give rise to a number of novel business models, fresh commercial prospects, and expansion of the digital economy.

Since 2021, the metaverse has grown to be one of the most popular technological innovations, but despite the excitement, there is still no agreement on what exactly constitutes a metaverse, a problem the MIIT emphasised in their suggestion.

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