Canva launches Classroom Magic for educators, students

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Canva has released a new version of its Magic Studio called “Classroom Magic,” which is intended exclusively for educators and students.

Situated within the Canva for Education platform, which was introduced in 2019 and is presently utilised by 50 million educators and students worldwide, the business claims that the new Classroom Magic incorporates several of the AI functionalities from Magic Studio into educational settings.

In a special videoconference with VentureBeat, Jason Wilmot, Head of Education at Canva, stated, “When you think about the AI tools we are launching, they are all there to help teachers save time, create more engaging content for students, and help the students embrace creativity.”

In addition to the new Classroom Magic features, Canva for Education is free for all K–12 students, teachers, and districts. The business provides universities with a subscription plan, but VentureBeat was not given any pricing information.

Since more than 600,000 different schools currently use Canva for Education, the latest Classroom Magic update may represent the largest implementation of artificial intelligence in a classroom globally to date.

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