Apple to make iOS-Android migration easier by 2025 – Report

Bisola David
Bisola David

By Alex Omenye


In response to the EU’s Digital Markets Act, Apple has announced plans to simplify the process for customers transitioning to Android. The DMA, effective today, mandates changes in the app ecosystem, prompting Apple to enhance data portability features.

Among these improvements, Apple commits to providing a more “user-friendly” option for transferring data from an iPhone to a non-Apple device, with an expected release by fall 2025.

To comply with DMA’s regulations, Apple introduces new fees for developers adhering to the DMA rules, avoiding potential financial impacts on its business. The DMA addresses data portability, and Apple’s Data & Privacy website will be updated to allow users to export App Store data to authorized third parties. Users can already transfer iCloud Photos to Google Photos and download various data from Apple’s apps.

Regarding the Android transition, Apple remains discreet about the project details but mentions aiding “mobile operating system providers” in creating effective data transfer solutions from iPhones to non-Apple phones. Although not explicitly mentioning “Android,” Google’s mobile OS is poised to benefit significantly.

In addition, Apple plans to introduce a solution for exporting browser data to a new browser on the same device, available later this year or early 2025. Currently, Android users utilize Google’s “Switch to Android” iOS app for migrating essential content, but some data gaps remain, raising anticipation for Apple’s upcoming solution.

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