Air Peace leads domestic flight operations in 2022 – Report

Oluwanifemi Ojo
Oluwanifemi Ojo

A domestic and international airline in Nigeria, Air Peace, leads other domestic airlines as it records 24,449 flight operations.

This is the highest flight operations followed by 10,910 operations of IBOM airline.

This was according to the Executive Summary of International and Domestic Flight Operations in Nigeria from January to December 2022 gotten from the website of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority by AmBusiness.

Other airlines that followed respectively in terms of number of flight operations in 2022 are Arik Air, Max Air, United Airlines, Green Africa, Dana Air, Azman Air, Aero Contractors, Overland and Value Jet.

Meanwhile, contributing to the 47,144 total domestic flights, Air Peace records 14,908 delays which is around 64 percent of its total operations for the year.

IBOM airline records 3,535 delay which is about 32% and the second lowest number of delays after Value Jet airline which recorded just 26 percent.

Overland Airways, Azman Air, Arik Air and United Airlines have been cited among the domestic airlines with the highest flight delays as shown in the recent review of flights operated in 2022.

However, when it comes to the ratio of a carrier’s annual flight operations to the number of delays, Overland tops the list, operating 2926 flights with 2451 delays, or 84 percent of all its operations, and cancelling 11 flights.

For international operations, a total of 26 airlines operated with a total of 13,003 flight operations and 4628 delays.

International airlines recorded about 36 percent delay while domestic airline which had a total flight operations of 80,328 fight operations and 47,144 delay which is about 59 percent.

Interestingly, Air Peace has the highest international flight operations of about 1,258 followed by Qatar Air which is 1,179.

On the flipside, Cronos had the lowest operation with 53 flights but had the highest delays with 41 delays making it 77 percent delay rate.

The Airline Operators of Nigeria, provided reasons for flight delays observed in the country. The poor airports’ infrastructure was said to have caused it.

The Vice President of the association, Allen Onyema, implored the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria to provide more check-in counters to help reduce flight delays.

Onyema said, “Flight delays and probably cancellations may be a topic for discussion this yuletide if nothing is done about the current inadequate counters for domestic airlines to check-in passengers, especially at the Abuja airport.”

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