X roll out passkey logins for iOS users

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

X has broadened its support for passkey logins, extending the option to users worldwide who access the app via iPhone.

Formerly known as Twitter, the social media platform initially introduced passkey support exclusively for iOS users in the United States in January. Now, the X Safety account has confirmed its global rollout, providing more individuals with the opportunity to utilize this alternative login method.

Passkeys offer enhanced security compared to traditional passwords, as they are impervious to phishing attacks and social engineering tactics, thus minimizing the risk of login theft.

When users activate and set up a passkey login, they generate a unique key pair serving as their digital authentication credential. The service managing the login option possesses access to one of these keys, which it must pair with the other key stored locally on the user’s device to authenticate their identity.

Users only need to confirm their identity using their biometric credentials or device passcode.

To activate passkeys on X, users must access their iOS app and navigate to “Settings and privacy” within “Your account.” Under “Security and account access,” they will find the Passkey option listed under “Additional password protection.”

Unfortunately, X has not provided information regarding the availability of this feature for Android users or any potential timeline for its implementation.

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