Wema Bank’s best yet to come at 78 – MD

Alade Abayomi ADeleke
Alade Abayomi ADeleke
Wema Bank issues N25b bond to investors

By Wilson Adekumola


One of the thriving commercial banks in Nigeria, Wema Bank, marked 78 years in the banking industry, saying that their best is yet to come.


According to Vanguard, the event took place in Lagos in Tuesday.


While speaking at the event, Managing Director/Chief Executive Director, Wema Bank, Mr. Moruf Oseni, noted that the biggest milestone was that the institution was brought back to the height of banking


The bank also celebrated the 6th anniversary of Alat, a digital bank application which enables customers to perform banking activities.


“For us as an institution that lasted for 78 years where many of its peers have disappeared, it’s a great feat. This is our 8th decade and as we push to our 9th decade, I think obviously there will be much bigger celebration when we hit 80. And hopefully in another 80 years, we pray that Wema is alive.


“The biggest milestone so far is that we brought the bank back to the very height of banking in Nigeria. Six years ago, we launched a grand breaking product called Alat and over the past six years it’s testament both locally and internationally as a world class product. So as far as we are concerned it brought us back to the heart of banking in Nigeria.


“Our best is yet to come. We set N30 billion and it is a fantastic number. But honestly we did N30 billion this year, first N30 billion this year and we will do much more next year. This bank is a confluence of two great banks, Wema and National and at the time, those two banks were in the top five banks in Nigeria.


The aim is to take this bank to that height. This bank must go back to tier one.”


Oseni expressed his profound gratitude to the past and present executives and staff of the bank as well as customers of the bank for their continuous support towards seeing the institution flourish.

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