Waste managers ask Sanwo-Olu to review accrued debts

Bisola David
Bisola David
Lagos to sanction Uber breach of agreement

The Association of Waste Managers of Nigeria has expressed regret at the delay in Visionscape paying its members’ debt.

According to The Punch, the association’s president, Olugbenga Adebola, pleaded with the governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, to look into the predicament of the state’s waste managers and make arrangements for the payment of money owing to them.

“It is concerning that the payment of Visionscape Debt to our members who collaborated with the Visionscape Company has been delayed as a result of the then government’s directions. We thus make an impassioned request to Mr. Governor through LAWMA to check into this payment and facilitate it.

“The government should make sure that members’ enterprises are safeguarded through enforceable contracts with the government that include pertinent security and the proper stamp duty. This will undoubtedly boost members’ confidence and raise the amount of investment in the sector,” he said.

He also demanded that all payments made to the state government be reviewed in order to help members survive the effects of local and global inflation on conducting business in Nigeria.

Adebola continued by saying that AWAMN members would benefit from a reassessment of the payments made to the state government.

“We pray that government ensures the sustainability of the operations and businesses of our members in low- and low-low-income areas, creating equal opportunities to make their businesses profitable and bankable,” he said.

Since Nigeria or Lagos State cannot function independently, the best practices and models from throughout the world should be implemented.

While this was going on, Sanwo-olu, who was represented by the Permanent Secretary of Environmental Resources, Dr. Omobolaji Gaji, stated that waste management would continue to be at the top of our development agenda due to population expansion.

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