Valentine: Users fume as T-Mobile reports outage

Oluwanifemi Ojo
Oluwanifemi Ojo

One of the largest wireless carriers in the United States, T-Mobile, reported outages in the late hours of Monday over the disruption that affected some cellular services.

T-mobile has said it was working on resolving the issues that had caused instability with its messaging, voice, and data services.

Downdetector, which provides real-time information about websites, reported that the number of complaints on outages in 24 hours had reached 83,000 at about 4:20 pm on Monday. According to its reports, the number had fallen to 9,000 by midnight.

Since the outage started, users have been fuming on social media while tagging the company’s official Twitter page.

It would have been tough for these users of T-Mobile as they cannot access their wireless services.

Moreover, it is Valentine’s day and many would want to text, send messages, and get in touch with their loved ones.

T-Mobile’s President of Technology Neville Ray said on Twitter.”Our teams are rapidly addressing a 3rd party fiber interruption issue that has intermittently impacted some voice, messaging and data services in several areas.”

As at 4:00am on Tuesday, @gx110 made an inquiry in a post, tagging the official page of T-mobile on Twitter. He said ” Any update yet? ”

@T-Mobile Help responded, “Hi, our network teams are urgently working to restore service. We apologize for any disruptions.”

Another user, @furryhalofan responded, “These service outages are getting excessive. I use my phone to clock in and out of work. I’m lucky the place I’m working at tonight has wifi or else I’d be losing hours because I wouldn’t be able to clock in. I’m going to demand compensation on my bill for this.”

Reacting to the company’s update, @jennRRRN said, ” Right,… And an hour ago, you had no reports of outages. I haven’t been able to make calls in over two hours.”

@TRPG007 complained, “Hey T-Mobile you have to give us some answers I pay my bill on time 2 weeks before it’s due never been late paid off my phone and everything and this is the service I get.”

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