US seeks bilateral expansion, prosperity with Nigeria

Bisola David
Bisola David
US seeks bilateral expansion, prosperity with Nigeria

By  Melvin Onwubuke

The United States has disclosed, it is soliciting ways to bilaterally expand the trade and investment, and safe guard the prosperity between the United States and Nigeria.

This was contained in a statement by Mike Ervin, The Political and Economic Section Chief, US Consulate, Lagos, according to The Punch.

He stated that the US Consulate covers the entire 17 southern states.

He said “To expand bilateral trade and investment and ensure prosperity between the US and Nigeria.

“In the US Consulate in Lagos, we cover the 17 southern states and our top job more than any other, is to seek ways to expand bilateral trade and investment and expand shared prosperity between our people.”

He added “Our people share a long history of partnership, and that was highlighted by the visit of our Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkin, in Nigeria, a couple of weeks ago, where he spoke eloquently and strongly on the significance and importance of US-Nigeria bilateral relationship; and our desire is to seek ways of expanding that relationship to build prosperity for our people.”

Mike Ervin appreciated Dr. Otti, for welcoming them, and to talk about ways, they can find opportunities to build shared prosperity for their people.

The Governor while responding, called for the support from the US Consulate in promoting trade, investment in Abia State. He pointed out specific challenges, the state is currently confronting, particularly access to finance, power and logistics among others.

Governor Otti, noted that the state prides itself as a major trading and industrial hub with more than 50,000 shoe manufacturers with formidable control in the garment and fabric production.

However, the state had experienced infrastructural decay in the past.

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