UN to host “AI for Good Global Summit”

Joy Onuorah
Joy Onuorah
UN to host "AI for Good Global Summit"

The United Nations is leading the charge in convening a monumental gathering this week, bringing together influential voices from across the globe to chart the course for artificial intelligence and unlock its potential to empower humanity.

The “AI for Good Global Summit,” a two-day event taking place in Geneva, has attracted over 3,000 experts hailing from top companies like Microsoft and Amazon, as well as esteemed universities and international organizations.

Their collective mission is to sculpt frameworks and guidelines that will govern the development and utilization of AI technology.

In a rapidly advancing landscape, the UN recognizes the need for a clear blueprint to navigate the uncharted territories of AI. Doreen

The head of the International Telecommunication Union, the UN’s agency for information and communications technology, Bogdan-Martin, emphasized the urgency, stating, “This technology is moving fast. It’s a real opportunity for the world’s leading voices on AI to come together on the global stage and to address governance issues.”

The summit is also aimed at tackling essential questions and establishing guardrails that will ensure the responsible and safe use of AI.

Bogdan-Martin stressed that inaction is not an option, as humanity’s future is intricately linked to the development and responsible deployment of AI.

High-profile participants slated to join the summit include Chief Technology Officer of Amazon; Werner Vogels, Chief Operating Officer of Google DeepMind; Lila Ibrahim, and former captain of the Spanish national football team, Iker Casillas, who advocated the use of AI in preventing heart attacks after experiencing one himself in 2019.

The event promises to be a meeting of minds, fostering collaborations between experts from various sectors and backgrounds.

Notably, the summit will also feature a captivating lineup of robots, showcasing the remarkable capabilities of AI.

Among the humanoid robots set to make an appearance are Ai-Da, the world’s first ultra-realistic robot artist; Ameca, a groundbreaking lifelike robot; Desdemona, the rock-singing humanoid; and Grace, an advanced healthcare robot.

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