Uber makes safety tools easier to access, customise

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Uber is streamlining its safety features by consolidating them into one easily accessible location, allowing users to personalize their settings for automatic activation.

In the app’s updated safety preferences section, passengers can schedule the automatic activation of safety tools based on specific criteria.

Additionally, users have the option to activate Uber’s safety features for every ride they take if they prefer.

Among the tools available for activation in the new portal is audio recording, a feature previously introduced by the company. Uber assures users that these recordings are encrypted and inaccessible to anyone, including the company.

However, in the event of an incident during the trip, passengers can choose to report it and share the recording with Uber as evidence. Users can also enable PIN verification to confirm they are entering the correct vehicle, as well as RideCheck, which alerts Uber if a ride deviates from the planned route or stops unexpectedly.

Lastly, there’s Share My Trip, allowing passengers to automatically share their live location and trip details with trusted contacts.

Currently, the new safety preferences page is only available in the US, Canada, and Latin American countries, with plans for expansion to more regions. Users can access the new portal by navigating to Settings and locating a link to it or by tapping the Safety Toolkit blue shield while on a trip and selecting “Set up safety preferences.”

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