Twitch launches TikTok-like feed for livestreams, clips

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Social network, Twitch is rolling discovery feed for livestreams and Clips on mobile devices aiming to provide users with a fresh way to discover new streamers and, consequently, spend more time on the platform.

Initially, the feed will appear as a new tab in the mobile app, allowing viewers to toggle between a scrollable feed for livestreams and another one for Clips. The live feed will showcase broadcasts from users already followed, as well as ongoing streams from unfamiliar streamers based on the viewer’s watch history. Meanwhile, the Clips feed will feature short snippets from live broadcasts.

Users can join ongoing streams directly from the live feed by tapping on the streamer’s avatar to enter theater mode. Additionally, Twitch will indicate when a streamer is live in the Clips feed, enabling viewers to explore their content from there.

Twitch clarified in its announcement that the discovery feed will only aggregate streams and clips from the platform, and creators cannot directly upload to it. In essence, getting featured on the feed is a matter of chance, although featured Clips will receive priority over non-featured ones.

The discovery feed launching this month is not its final iteration. Some users may begin seeing the feed as their primary home page sometime next month, aligning with Twitch’s original vision for the feature.

Earlier in March, company CEO Dan Clancy mentioned that the service is undergoing its first major redesign in years, with the discovery feed set to become its new landing page.

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