Truckers read the riot act to curtail road crashes

Agency Report
Agency Report
Trucks in Lagos traffic

The Association of Maritime Truck Owners has vowed to proffer solutions to factors responsible for constant accidents of articulated trucks on the roads.

A letter by the National President of AMARTO, Remy Ogungbemi, titled, ‘A wake-up-call to all drivers on self examination’, said that the association was calling on every trucker to immediately embark on self-examination.

Giving conditions for trucks to be allowed on the roads, Ogungbemi said that the truck container hooks must be in good condition and properly used by a driver before embarking on any trip.

He added that all trucks must operate with functional headlamps.

The letter read partly, “In view and sensitivity to the mindboggling and gory accidents involving containerized and palletized trucks on our highways, we summoned an emergency meeting where we painstakingly rubbed minds in order to ascertain and proffer solutions to the factors that are responsible for the falling of containers and palletized cargoes from trucks on the road.

“Drivers must have valid drivers’ licenses, not driving under influence of drug/alcohol and always dress neatly. The device known as twist-lock or container hooks that grip the container together with the truck must be in good condition and seen to be properly used always. Our trucks must have basic components, which are, functional headlamps, mirrors, rear lights and reflective tapes at the tail end of the trucks. All drivers loading general cargoes, especially palletized card-boards, should always insist on one pallet on the two pallets that are already on the floor of the truck.”

Ogungbemi lauded the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, for the indefinite suspension of the committee on removal of abandoned trucks.

He added that the union would embark on safety campaign.

“We applauded the indefinite suspension of Committee on Removal of Abandoned Trucks by the Lagos State Governor. We considered the suspension as a privilege, hence our resolve to embark on road safety campaign so that the privilege would not be withdrawn. Therefore, we should ensure that our drivers do not park indiscriminately or cause obstruction to free flow of traffic on the road.”

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